Amy Courts

Album: These Cold and Rusted Lungs

Song: Shiver

Credits: Rock Band Relief Production & Testing Ninjas

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Guitar Bass Drums Keys Vocals


About Amy Courts 

With her trademark impassioned vocals, captivating melodies, and audacious honesty, AMY COURTS ably takes on love, heartache, spirituality, and personal demons. Though her voice and songs invoke inevitable comparisons to great singer-songwriters like Patty Griffin, Jennifer Knapp, and Derek Webb, her sound and experience are uniquely her own, and are delivered with a rare distinction.

Since releasing her debut EP in 2006 and her first full length offering, THESE COLD & RUSTED LUNGS (produced by Neilson Hubbard) in July 2008, Amy has performed hundreds of concerts across the country, including four National Anthems and an acoustic pre-game fan concert for the Chicago White Sox, Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Motor Speedway, and Kansas City Royals.

To add to the power of her performance and as an expression of her personal passion for social justice, Amy became an artist sponsor with the African Aid organization, Mocha Club. “As my life has expanded into marriage, step-motherhood, and lending my voice and passion to the incredible needs in Uganda" Amy says, "I’m constantly aware of the need to deliberately give myself to something bigger than me."

Though undeniably heavy and occasionally dark, Amy’s music is ultimately a declaration of abandoned hope and a call to greater personal action. Where other artists skim the surface or sit comfortably in the realms of musical interest alone, Amy digs deep and gives generously from those depths. Whether through her on-stage performance, or in her daily passion for global and local social justice, Amy makes an indelible mark on everyone she meets.

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