Big Kenny


Album: The Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll Farm Boy


One More Time

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Happy People

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About Big Kenny

Big Kenny, one half of the Grammy-nominated genre-bending super duo Big & Rich, has written several top 10 hits for artists such as Tim McGraw (“Last Dollar Fly Away”), Gretchen Wilson (“Here For The Party”), Jason Aldean (“Hicktown” and “Amarillo Sky”), and been named BMI’s Songwriter of the Year. With Big & Rich, Big Kenny sold in excess of seven million albums and opened sold-out stadium tours for Kenny Chesney.

Reflecting on his life, Kenny says, “I have a four-year old now,” referring to his son Lincoln William Holiday Alphin, “so I found myself really asking what it is I want to leave behind. What lessons can I impart?”

Big Kenny’s solo album, The Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll Farm Boy, (released November 11 2009) is replete with such lessons, from “Find A Heart”— “If I could say one thing to my kid, that would be it,” Kenny says, to “Less Than Whole,” a self-described “dissertation on forgiveness.” Co-produced with Chris Stone, the album possesses the same hard rockcountry edge, whimsy and humor that made “Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)” Big & Rich’s breakout hit, as well as the emotional, heartfelt sincerity fans of “Holy Water” and “8th of November” came to know.

At the same time, The Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll Farm Boy is unique to Big Kenny as a solo artist. Referencing “Drifter” in particular, Kenny explains, “I was growing up on AM 1490 when they played everything all mixed together. So alongside Haggard, Jones and Nelson, I was raised on the Beatles, Queen, Kansas, the Steve Miller Band, Bob Marley and Bill Withers.” Drawing from such diverse musical inspiration, Kenny’s solo work is infused with everything from Country to Rock ‘n Roll, to Reggae to R&B.

Not only has Kenny’s creativity expanded in his newfound musical independence, he’s discovered an agility that he’s never experienced before. “It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t have to ask for permission,” Kenny says. The album’s opening track “Wake Up” is a case in point. On a Sunday, Kenny wrote the song on a tour bus alongside Jon Nicholson and Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down. He recorded it on Tuesday, then a friend suggested he contact Canada’s Blackfoot Confederacy to add the Native North American tribal chanting that now kicks off the record. Kenny emailed them the track and by Thursday they had added their part.

Kenny has a way of touching people with his music wherever he goes. Deeply affected by the genocide tragedy in the Darfur region of Sudan, Kenny committed himself in 2007 to helping build the Kunyuk School for Girls in Akon, delivering medical and school supplies, along with musical instruments, clothing and building tools—all of which he funded. He documented his journey on film, and since debuting it at the Nashville Film Festival in 2008, has utilized the film to spread awareness of the cause. In recognition of his efforts, the Save Darfur Coalition named him their December 2008 “Darfur Hero.”

“Around the world, in every language, music is the common denominator,” Kenny says. “Share the music, share the love. Get out there and throw around as much love as you can. Come bearing a light and shine it all around.”

A true Ambassador of Love, Big Kenny has made it his mission to “Highlight the good, inspire greatness, and encourage mutual responsibility for the betterment of mankind.” With music as his medium, Kenny works tirelessly to mold the world around him into something better, something he’ll be proud to leave behind.

“‘Long After I’m Gone’ is a better description of where I come from and where I’m going than I’ve ever been able to give anybody in my career,” Kenny says. “It’s only the love we put out into the world and the tangible things we leave behind that make a lasting impression. ‘The love I leave and my wildest dreams will live on/Long after I’m gone.’” With the release of The Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll Farm Boy, rich with lessons in love, forgiveness, and freedom distilled from a lifetime of experience, Big Kenny’s legacy of creativity, passion, and music is sure to carry on.

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