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Double Prize Giveaway: 1600 Xbox LIVE Points* + Signed Red Jacket Mine CD

WOW!!! Our first Twitter drive was an awesome success thanks to you guys! We easily reached our first goal of 100 followers last Friday. Today we randomly drew follower #48 (@keklar from Kent, OH), with the aid of Random.org, as our prize winner. @keklar takes home an Xbox LIVE® Card loaded with 1600 Microsoft Points and our sincere gratitude for following us on Twitter.

This was so much fun, we've decided to do it again. So as soon as we reach 300 followers, we'll randomly draw another follower from the entire group. We feel the need to up the stakes a bit, so this time the winner will again receive 1600 Xbox LIVE Points* and, if the winning follower is also following @redjacketmine, they'll also receive a copy of RJM's CD, Lovers Lookout, (which includes The Pose, coming soon to Rock Band to provide flood relief for Nashville) personally signed for the winner by the band members.

Last but not least, because we want to thank everyone who participated in the first contest, each of our first 100 followers will be entered into the next contest TWICE.

Pass it on and thanks for all your support!

Follow us on Twitter to win!

* International winners will receive country-specific equivalent available in your region.

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