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Artist Announcement: Kirby Krackle

Seattle's nerd rock heroes, Kirby Krackle, are legendary on the convention circuit for delivering a well-rounded, commercial rock sound and memorable hooks with lyrics that cut straight to the heart of the notoriously tough-to-please nerdcore audience.

With most of their music inspired by video games, con experiences and the comic book universe(s), we'd love to see Kirby Krackle take their place beside Rock Band mainstays, Jonathan Coulton and MC Frontalot.

But that's up to you to decide! Watch for Kirby Krackle's rock single (and tribute to Wolverine), On and On off of their new album, E for Everyone. The band is contributing On and On to the Rock Band Relief campaign to benefit the flooding victims in Nashville, Tennessee. So please watch our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates on this and other RBR songs as they make their way through the production and testing process and into the Rock Band Network Store.

Also be sure to check out the artist spotlight page for Kirby Krackle to learn more about the band and to hear more of their awesome music!

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